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How you can donate and help OUR Center

Brothers and sisters, Peace be upon you! (As-salamu alaykum)

Over the past ten years, the number of the Muslim community has increased in our lovely state. Besides the new arrivals of immigrants from Muslim countries, we notice an increase in the numbers of new born to Muslim families; as well as those who have migrated from other states. The growth of Muslim community has created a need for an Arab Islamic center that provides religious, social, and cultural services.


The Cumberland Islamic Center will provide a variety of services to our Muslim community in Maine.


You are welcome to support our endeavors.

ways you can donate:



Donate through Halal Markets below:

Sindbad Market

710 Forest Ave #

Portland, ME 04103 

11 Bridge St.

Westbrook, ME 04092

Makkah Market: 

34 Vannah Ave.

Portland, ME 04103


You can donate here by using your debit or credit card.



You can email your donation to our

email address below:



We are here to answer your questions!

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