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Brothers and sisters, Peace be upon you! (As-salamu alaykum)

Over the past ten years, the number of the Muslim community has increased in our lovely state. Besides the new arrivals of immigrants from Muslim countries, we notice an increase in the numbers of new born to Muslim families; as well as those who have migrated from other states. The growth of Muslim community has created a need for an Arab Islamic center that provides religious, social, and cultural services.


The Cumberland Islamic Center will provide a variety of services to our community in Maine.


You are welcome to support our endeavors.

K-12 school

In this school, students will receive various knowledge that introduce them to Islamic and Arab history. As you know, my brothers and sisters, we have come from countries where parents and educators share the same values, while here, the situation is completely different. What educational institutions offer to our children is not compatible with our values and our religious principles. Accordingly, the need for a school comes for two reasons: first, to introduce our children to our culture and the Arabic language, and secondly to protect them from intellectual alienation and moral decay.


Establishing a Masjid to perform prayers and Islamic rituals:
We seek to establish a Masjid that can accommodate five hundred people. The Masjid will be equipped with all the needs, such as carpets, air conditioning, lighting, audio equipment, electronic screens, and other needs that are suitable for those who prostrate between the hands of God. The Masjid also contains a chapel for women that guarantees them complete privacy, where they can interact with each other and get acquainted with the true Islamic religion. The Masjid will provide special chairs to the elderly and to the people with special needs who are unable to perform the prayer.

Muslim Girl Studying
Children Reading Quran
Teaching the Holy Qur’an

The Great Prophet (peace be upon him) says, “The best of you is the one who learns and teaches the Qur’an.” Islam is not just a religion by which we draw closer to the Creator, the Almighty, but rather a life constitution and an integrated social system that God Almighty has detailed for us in His sacred book. And that teaching the Holy Qur’an to our kids will make them live a decent and stable life, and will protect them from the danger of falling into sin and destruction.

Recreational activities for youth

Due to the cultural and religious difference of our Arab and Islamic community and the environment in which we live, our youth lack places to spend their free leisure-time, as some of them are forced to go to places that may lead them to delinquency and immorality. Accordingly, the Islamic Center will establish a special space for young people, in which intellectual and physical games will be available to develop their mental and physical capabilities.

Football Match
Quran and Prayer Beads
washing and shrouding those whom God will take to His mercy

Washing the dead is a ritual of Islam that is performed after the death of a Muslim man or a woman before burying them.  We live in a society whose traditions differ from our Islamic customs and traditions, this may put our family under pressure and confusion when they face such a tragedy. We have decided to provide the service of washing those who passed away and shrouding them according to Islamic conditions. Also, we provide all they need, including a coffin, transportation, burial procedures, and mourning ceremonies.

Awareness seminars

Besides our services provided at the Cumberland Islamic Center, we hold awareness and guidance seminars and workshops throughout the week on many issues of concern to our honorable community, such as introducing new laws, the dangers of drugs, domestic violence and other directive matters that can prevent our brothers and sisters from harm.

Recording a Class
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